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designing life changing spaces


The history


Jaime Guzmán Corcuera is a prominent and renowned Mexican architect, who founded the firm DOS Jaime Guzmán Arquitectos together with his father Jaime Guzmán Giraud in 2014. The architectural practice of the latter transcends for more than 40 years, having carried out numerous and recognized luxury residential, housing, hospitality and commercial projects. His son, inspired by the work of his father decided to follow that path motivated mainly by achieving a change to the environment and the lives of users improving their quality of life.


He studied Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana. From there, the architecture and interior design firm has been in charge of designing and building numerous projects, mostly AAA, exceeding the expectations of each client, providing a highly personalized and first-hand service to achieve a complete knowledge of the needs. of the client as well as those of the end user down to the last detail. One of the most outstanding projects of the architecture studio is the "Parque Kabah" shopping plaza in downtown Cancun, this being the first project with Leed Platinum certification in Cancun.


One of the great commitments of the architect is the broad analysis of the architectural program, the site, the orientation, the climate, the socioeconomic sector where the project is located, among others. Setting new standards as an architectural DESIGN office, making each project completely unique and tailored to the client.


“The search for perfection in the design of each space is essential for the conception of a project, providing a quality of life that exceeds user expectations. The materiality used in each project responds not only to a pleasant feeling around it, but also to the demands of each site, thus having a commitment to the environment and society”.


                                                                                                                                    Jaime Guzman Corcuera

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